The End of the DiMI Project

After five and a half years full of networking activities the European Network of Excellence on “Diagnostic Molecular Imaging – DiMI” ended at 30 September 2010.

We would like to say thank you for 393 peer reviewed publications with DiMI acknowledgement thereof 76 joint publications, 1218 DiMI related presentations at conferences as talk or poster contribution performed by more than 800 DiMI related staff members. 524 young scientists participated in 55 DiMI training courses organized by the 12 DiMI Technology and Training platforms. 360 researchers visited DiMI partner labs in order to exchange knowledge, data, and skills.

With 59 partners and 20 workpackages the DiMI Network of Excellence, coordinated by Andreas H. Jacobs, was one of the largest European research projects funded by the European Commission within the 6th Framework Programme.

Our Goal

The goal of the Network of Excellence "Diagnostic Molecular Imaging" - Molecular Imaging for Diagnostic Purposes - was to integrate multidisciplinary research for the development of new probes and multimodal non-invasive imaging technology for early diagnosis, assessment of disease progression and treatment evaluation.


DiMi brought together genome-oriented scientists with the various actors of imaging science and clinicians dedicated to formulate novel diagnostic methods based on imaging.

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The General Objectives of DiMI

  • To coordinate and efficiently integrate more than 50 research groups from various disciplines to study non-invasively gene expression and function in major diseases such as neurodegeneration, stroke, heart failure, atherosclerosis and autoimmune diseases.
  • To advance molecular imaging for diagnostic purposes to a high scientific, technical and economical status and to form synergistic partnerships with other EU-funded networks and projects to translate fundamental research discoveries into medical applications, health benefit and value for European society.
  • To stimulate strong technological developments inspired by the specific research projects by the implementation of Technology and Training Platforms (TTPs).
Image of a brain capillary (blue, collagene IV) surrounded by astrocytes (red, Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein) and tissue Plasminogen Activator (green, flourescent protein). Courtesy of D. Vivien, Cyceron, France

The Strengths of DiMI

The strengths of DiMI was the coordination of research and training activities related to molecular imaging for diagnostic purposes with special emphasis on "bench-to-bedside" (translational) applications.

With the foundation and and the further establishment of the European Society for Molecular Imaging - ESMI the DiMI sustainability milestone was reached.

The ESMI extends actions which were initiated in the scope of the EC 6th framework programme by the DiMI network, the network of excellence “European Molecular Imaging Laboratories” - EMIL, and the European Integrated Project for in-vivo imaging MI- both ended in 2009.

The ESMI was founded in 2005 to ensure the sustainability of the network’s scientific excellence, cross-communication, and interaction.Andreas H. Jacobs had been president of the society until May 2010. He then handed over the presidency to a further DiMI partner Clemens W.G.M. Löwik.

Within the past years the strong Committees of the ESMI succeeded in establishing a lively and interdisciplinary European MI community.